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  • The Benefits of Photo Facials

    April 29, 2014
  • A photo facial is more than just a cosmetic procedure. It's a remarkable treatment that can dramatically improve many skin conditions. If you are considering having one, you are probably wondering if it really can repair and enhance your skin. The answer is absolutely yes. Their benefits are numerous and the effects are either long-lasting or permanent, depending on what was targeted. Before you make an appointment, learn about how the procedure works and what this treatment can do for you.

    What Will Happen During My Photo Facial?

    First, a medical aesthetician or qualified technician will settle you in for the treatment, explain the process, and answer any questions you might have. Thy will equip you with everything you need, so be assured that your treatment is completely safe: you will wear protective goggles or eye coverings during the photo facial and a special cooling gel is applied to the areas to be treated so that your skin does not become overly irritated. During a photo facial, bright pulses of light are applied in varying wavelengths to your skin. This is called IPL, or Intense Pulse Light technology. The pulses of light produce a warming sensation on your skin, and you may experience a mild feeling of pinching, but the cooling cream also contains a subtle numbing agent, so discomfort is minimized. Depending on the treatment areas, your photo facial will last anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour.

    What are the Benefits?

    Photo facials treat a variety of skin problems, not just issues caused by aging. A multitude of skin sins can be benefit from using this service.

    1. Pigmentation problems or conditions can be drastically improved by employing this kind of technology. Age spots, freckles, birthmarks, and minor scars are the result of excess melanin in the skin. The light pulses from a photo facial create heat and eliminate that melanin, leaving smooth skin with little to no visible marks from the previous discoloration.

    2. A photo facial is also effective at treating mild or moderate acne. The light from the device deeply penetrates the skin and causes it to release free oxygen. This oxygen destroys the bacteria of acne and reduces the amount of inflammation in the skin. It also decreases the likelihood of lesions and transforms blotchy red skin into smooth, evenly toned, noticeably refreshed skin.

    3. If you want to reduce and improve the signs of aging, a photo facial is a great way to achieve it. Not only can this service reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it can also significantly lighten age spots at the same time. The light pulses target the wrinkled or discolored areas and smooth and tighten your skin, diminishing the visible lines. They also stimulate the formation of collagen so the anti-aging benefits last beyond the duration of your treatment.

    4. Broken capillaries, spider vessels, and thread veins can also be treated with a photo facial. By using dim pulses of light on these veins, they are destroyed easily and with only mild discomfort. Because the pulses target the veins with such precision, the surrounding tissue is undamaged by the treatment, so downtime is minimized and healing is confined to the troubled areas only.

    Photo facials are a very effective way to treat your skin problems. They can reduce or remove most minor and moderate problem areas, leave you with beautiful younger looking skin, have few or no side effects, and are a non-invasive and much less painful and risky option than traditional cosmetic surgery. It is also much less expensive and recovery time is significantly faster. If you are looking for a safe treatment with fast results, consider booking in for one to enjoy the plethora of benefits it can provide you with.

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