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  • 6 Things You Need To Know About Foot Care

    January 30, 2018

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    Our feet work very hard carrying us around! Do you work hard to care for your feet?

    Daily foot care should start with making certain your feet are always clean and dry. Conditions such as foot fungus (Athletes Foot) and toenail fungus (Onychomycosis) can breed in warm moist environments such as our shoes. These troublesome foot issues can also be very easily transmitted by walking barefoot in a hotel room, or around a swimming pool, at a yoga class and even in a spa. So, how do we protect ourselves from these foot conditions?

    1. Do not wear the same shoes every day.  Letting shoes air out for a 24 hour period will help keep our shoes fresher.  Using a shoe deodorizer will help combat fungus developing in footwear.
    2. If you tend to get sweaty feet during the day, changing your socks at least once during the day will help to keep your feet dry and will help prevent smelly feet.
    3. Wear flip flops in hotel rooms to prevent being barefoot, especially in a hotel room bathroom.
    4. If you are a yoga enthusiast, wearing yoga socks will keep you safe from slipping and will protect your feet from picking up any nasty bugs.
    5. Wear water shoes on the decks around swimming pools and in the locker rooms and showers.
    6. If one of your family members develops a foot issue, encourage them to wear slippers or socks around the house.  Also get the rest of your family members doing the same.  While we all love our family members, we don’t want to a share fungus with them.

    Having regular pedicures can be a lovely pampering experience to enjoy but it is more than just that. Your aesthetician should be inspecting your feet for any signs of trouble and bringing anything they see to your attention. Aestheticians are trained to look for foot conditions such as fungus and ingrown toenails. It is their professional responsibility to address any issues with you that they see on your feet. A professional aesthetician will always advise you if they feel you should see a doctor regarding your feet.

    nail-fungus-treatments-peidcures-calgaryAlways ask how your spa of choice is sterilizing their implements and pedicure chairs. Make certain you feel comfortable with how clean the environment is.
    Are nail files and buffers being used on you brand new and are they being given to you or thrown out after your service? Do not let an aesthetician use a file or buffer on you if you are not 100% certain it is brand new. Any cuticle pushers, nippers etc should always be stainless steel. Watch to see if the aesthetician removes them from a sterile pouch.
    Are foot paddles for callus being used on you, if so say NO! Spas should be using a disposable file system to remove calluses and should not be using a foot paddle as they cannot be properly sterilized.
    Is the pedicure basin either glass or stainless steel as these surfaces can be sterilized, whereas plastics cannot be.
    Are any foot products being used such as scrubs and massage lotions being dispensed into disposable cups? If you see an aesthetician dip their hand into a jar to remove a product, ask them to open a new jar and to use a disposable spatula with every dip.
    Don’t panic about nail polish as all polish will have ingredients in them that will not allow fungus to develop in the bottle.

    Have you wondered what the signs of foot and toenail fungus look like? On the feet, you may see peeling skin between the toes and you may also see redness or experience itching and burning. Toenails that are developing a fungus will appear as though they may be changing colour and getting thicker. It is imperative to get this condition treated quickly as the fungus can spread to other toenails and even to your fingernails. Once spread it can become very difficult to get rid of. For a minor new toenail fungus, it can usually be treated with a topical anti-fungal cream such as Vite 20. Soaking your feet daily in a white vinegar and water mixture can also help to ward off any unwanted fungus.

    So remember our feet have to carry us for life, so protect them and care for them!

    For more information and helpful advice about your foot care and to book pedicure call Merle Norman Chinook Centre – Calgary’s favourite spa – today!

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