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  • January 15th is Merle Norman’s Birthday

    January 15, 2018
  • Merle Norman Founder photoToday January 15th was Merle Norman’s birthday.  She was born on this day in 1887.  Merle Norman was a very progressive woman in the field of beauty.  She opened her first studio in Santa Monica California in 1931.  Women came to Merle Norman for her expertise and for her strong desire to help women look beautiful, hence why she believed so strongly in the “try before you buy” philosophy.  Merle Norman Cosmetics was the very first company to offer free makeovers, and we still offer them today at our Merle Norman Chinook Centre location.  We believe in offering all women the opportunity to try our products and to guide them in selecting the products that are best for their personal concerns.  Our team of staff are well-trained aestheticians and beauty professionals.

    Merle Norman passed away in 1972, and her company was left to her nephew JB Nethercutt and his wife Dorothy Nethercutt.  JB and Dorothy had both been working with his aunt from the inception of the company.  They continued to run the family-owned business until they both passed away in 2004.  At this time their son Jack and his wife Helen took over the helm along with son Travis Richards and are still running the company as a family-owned business.  Each studio is an independently owned franchise.

    Our Chinook Centre location was very recently asked to test a new merchandising system for the company which you will not find anywhere else in Calgary.  Inside our studio, you will find a new “play station” where customers can have some fun checking out our colour products.  All of our cosmetics and skincare products are beautifully displayed and easy to find.  We believe in offering women the same “Try Before You Buy” experience that Merle Norman herself founded her business on.

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